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Vamp::RealTime Class Reference

#include <vamp-sdk/RealTime.h>

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Detailed Description

RealTime represents time values to nanosecond precision with accurate arithmetic and frame-rate conversion functions.

Definition at line 63 of file RealTime.h.

Public Member Functions

int msec () const
bool operator!= (const RealTime &r) const
RealTime operator+ (const RealTime &r) const
RealTime operator- () const
RealTime operator- (const RealTime &r) const
double operator/ (const RealTime &r) const
RealTime operator/ (int d) const
bool operator< (const RealTime &r) const
bool operator<= (const RealTime &r) const
RealTimeoperator= (const RealTime &r)
bool operator== (const RealTime &r) const
bool operator> (const RealTime &r) const
bool operator>= (const RealTime &r) const
 RealTime (const RealTime &r)
 RealTime (int s, int n)
std::string toString () const
std::string toText (bool fixedDp=false) const
int usec () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RealTime frame2RealTime (long frame, unsigned int sampleRate)
static RealTime fromMilliseconds (int msec)
static RealTime fromSeconds (double sec)
static RealTime fromTimeval (const struct timeval &)
static long realTime2Frame (const RealTime &r, unsigned int sampleRate)

Public Attributes

int nsec
int sec

Static Public Attributes

static const RealTime zeroTime

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