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PluginHostAdapter::InputDomain Vamp::PluginHostAdapter::getInputDomain (  )  const [virtual]

Get the plugin's required input domain. If this is TimeDomain, the samples provided to the process() function (below) will be in the time domain, as for a traditional audio processing plugin. If this is FrequencyDomain, the host will carry out a windowed FFT of size equal to the negotiated block size on the data before passing the frequency bin data in to process(). The plugin does not get to choose the window type -- the host will either let the user do so, or will use a Hanning window.

Implements Vamp::Plugin.

Definition at line 134 of file PluginHostAdapter.cpp.

    if (m_descriptor->inputDomain == vampFrequencyDomain) {
        return FrequencyDomain;
    } else {
        return TimeDomain;

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