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Vamp::PluginHostAdapter Class Reference

#include <vamp-sdk/PluginHostAdapter.h>

Inheritance diagram for Vamp::PluginHostAdapter:

Vamp::Plugin Vamp::PluginBase

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Detailed Description

PluginHostAdapter is a wrapper class that a Vamp host can use to make the C-language VampPluginDescriptor object appear as a C++ Vamp::Plugin object.

The Vamp API is defined in vamp/vamp.h as a C API. The C++ objects used for convenience by plugins and hosts actually communicate using the C low-level API, but the details of this communication are handled seamlessly by the Vamp SDK implementation provided the plugin and host use the proper C++ wrapper objects.

See also PluginAdapter, the plugin-side wrapper that makes a C++ plugin object available using the C query API.

Definition at line 64 of file PluginHostAdapter.h.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< Feature > FeatureList
typedef std::map< int,
FeatureList > 
enum  InputDomain { TimeDomain, FrequencyDomain }
typedef std::vector
< OutputDescriptor > 
typedef std::vector
< ParameterDescriptor > 
typedef std::vector< std::string > ProgramList

Public Member Functions

std::string getCopyright () const
std::string getCurrentProgram () const
std::string getDescription () const
std::string getIdentifier () const
InputDomain getInputDomain () const
std::string getMaker () const
size_t getMaxChannelCount () const
size_t getMinChannelCount () const
std::string getName () const
OutputList getOutputDescriptors () const
float getParameter (std::string) const
ParameterList getParameterDescriptors () const
int getPluginVersion () const
size_t getPreferredBlockSize () const
size_t getPreferredStepSize () const
ProgramList getPrograms () const
FeatureSet getRemainingFeatures ()
virtual std::string getType () const
unsigned int getVampApiVersion () const
bool initialise (size_t channels, size_t stepSize, size_t blockSize)
 PluginHostAdapter (const VampPluginDescriptor *descriptor, float inputSampleRate)
FeatureSet process (const float *const *inputBuffers, RealTime timestamp)
void reset ()
void selectProgram (std::string)
void setParameter (std::string, float)

Static Public Member Functions

static std::vector< std::string > getPluginPath ()

Protected Member Functions

void convertFeatures (VampFeatureList *, FeatureSet &)

Protected Attributes

const VampPluginDescriptor * m_descriptor
VampPluginHandle m_handle
float m_inputSampleRate

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