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Vamp::HostExt::PluginWrapper Class Reference

#include <vamp-sdk/hostext/PluginWrapper.h>

Inheritance diagram for Vamp::HostExt::PluginWrapper:

Vamp::Plugin Vamp::PluginBase Vamp::HostExt::PluginBufferingAdapter Vamp::HostExt::PluginChannelAdapter Vamp::HostExt::PluginInputDomainAdapter

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Detailed Description

PluginWrapper is a simple base class for adapter plugins. It takes a pointer to a "to be wrapped" Vamp plugin on construction, and provides implementations of all the Vamp plugin methods that simply delegate through to the wrapped plugin. A subclass can therefore override only the methods that are meaningful for the particular adapter.

This class was introduced in version 1.1 of the Vamp plugin SDK.

Definition at line 59 of file PluginWrapper.h.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< Feature > FeatureList
typedef std::map< int,
FeatureList > 
enum  InputDomain { TimeDomain, FrequencyDomain }
typedef std::vector
< OutputDescriptor > 
typedef std::vector
< ParameterDescriptor > 
typedef std::vector< std::string > ProgramList

Public Member Functions

std::string getCopyright () const
std::string getCurrentProgram () const
std::string getDescription () const
std::string getIdentifier () const
InputDomain getInputDomain () const
std::string getMaker () const
size_t getMaxChannelCount () const
size_t getMinChannelCount () const
std::string getName () const
OutputList getOutputDescriptors () const
float getParameter (std::string) const
ParameterList getParameterDescriptors () const
int getPluginVersion () const
size_t getPreferredBlockSize () const
size_t getPreferredStepSize () const
ProgramList getPrograms () const
FeatureSet getRemainingFeatures ()
virtual std::string getType () const
unsigned int getVampApiVersion () const
bool initialise (size_t channels, size_t stepSize, size_t blockSize)
FeatureSet process (const float *const *inputBuffers, RealTime timestamp)
void reset ()
void selectProgram (std::string)
void setParameter (std::string, float)

Protected Member Functions

 PluginWrapper (Plugin *plugin)

Protected Attributes

float m_inputSampleRate

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